Walmart Price Matching Without Ad & Lower Prices?

Walmart is not fairing well financially and is now ready to “roll up its sleeves to win the lowest-price battle with its rivals”. Lately they have been losing customers and that lowest-price battle to Target.

Walmart has announced a few changes, they are bringing back thousands of products they do not currently offer and they are adding the tagline  “Low prices. Every day. On everything” to their slogan.

The most interesting change-

Wal-Mart said store managers will check competitors’ prices more frequently. The company will press suppliers to lower their costs and will simplify its “ad match” policy.

From now on, if customers find a lower advertised price, Wal-Mart promises to match that price at the register in all stores without requiring shoppers to bring in a competitor’s ad as proof.

I will be interested to see how this new “policy” goes. I am all for streamlining policies but I do foresee this one going smoothly.

For me, choosing Target over Walmart is more about customer service, clean stores and corporate policy than just price. Improving in those areas may do the company more good than “pressing their suppliers” to lower their prices.

How about you? Are you a Walmart shopper? (which reminds me, would you like to see a Walmart deals post?) Will these new policies entice you to become a Walmart shopper?



  1. I’m with you. I just prefer Target over Walmart for the same reasons you stated. That doesn’t mean I never shop at Walmart though. I agree, I don’t think this policy will last. I can see too many people taking advantages of this price matching without proof. Seems like they must have a line drawn somewhere.

  2. Leshea1447 says:

    i am a former walmart employee. i wish they would treat their employees a little better which would trickle down to the customer experience. i see going to walmart as a necessary evil; i dont enjoy it but i do it to save money. I go as little as possible and would rather shop Target any day of the week.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I stopped shopping at Walmart about a year and a half ago (for reasons you mentioned and others as well) and haven’t looked back. I thought I would miss the convenience but I really haven’t. I spend less by couponing at a normal grocery store and at cvs than I would at Walmart. Even if they did price match any competitor, it is not worth it to me. I would much rather go to two or three different stores.

  4. I used to be an exclusive Wal-Mart shopper purely for budgetary reasons. Once I learned about the Target Red Card (the check card aka debit card, NOT the credit card), which save you 5% off everything at Target (literally NO exceptions), I found that I can shop at Target for the same price or less than I did at Wal-Mart. You add couponing on top of that PLUS actual advertised sales, and Target is hands down a better deal.

  5. Slcjdc09 says:

    I’ll bet the OR Wal Mart will still require the ad. It’s an act of Congress to get them to match the price even with the ad and then most of them are hateful about it. Also, I tried to use my Walgreens rewards & CVS extra bucks there a week ago and the cashier told me that if she took them, she would be wrote up!

  6. momof4csbd says:

    I shop at WalMart because I live in Lenoir City and we are about 15 minutes away from the closest Target. I absolutely hate shopping at Walmart. It is messy, they are mostly unfriendly and they are always out of things I need. But, I do know that I save money by shopping there and it’s just the most convenient for us. I would love to see Walmart deal posts!

  7. Walmart may be willing to offer lower prices, but I’ve begun to feel a lot of their grocery products by well-known companies are “seconds”. When I’ve called the companies’ 1-800 phone numbers to let them know of the issues, I’ve come right out and asked if Walmart sold “second” quality and was never given a direct answer, The company insisted on refunding my money after I read them the bar code.
    I don’t want the competitor’s price if I’m not going to receive top quality. Has anyone else had this problem?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love seeing others who don’t shop at Wal-Mart!

    I haven’t been there in 3 years. Anyone watched the Wal-Mart movie “The High Cost of Low Price?” Very enlightening.

    I shop Target and Kroger. Can’t beat store coupon plus a manufacturer coupon or double coupons!

  9. I have always loved shopping at Target. Off the top of my head, things I love at Target: The produce is beautiful, the fresh meat isn’t scary (hint hint Walmart), I love shopping there for my Christmas decorations as well as other seasonal decorations, their cashiers are friendly as well as the other staff members, the store is clean, the advertised sales REALLY are sales, the pharmacy will special order medical items not in stock, their employees and their clothing look clean (heads up Walmart).

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