Knoxville Zoo Kids Club

So I am not sure how I did not know about this. We have had a family membership to the Knoxville Zoo for the past four years.

It is a great place to let the boys play and learn.  They love it. I always pack a lunch and drinks for us so it is also an affordable outing for us all year.

Here are the details:

If you visit the zoo regularly you’ll want to be sure to sign for the Knoxville Zoo Kids Club up and get your Kids Club Card. (This is a frequent visitor’s card.)

Just stop by the zoo’s Membership Booth to pick up your Kids Club card and bring it by for a stamp each time you’re visiting the zoo. Once your card is full, you’ll receive a special prize chosen just for zoo-goers. Plus, Kids Club members get a very special e-newsletter just for them featuring a spotlight of a zoo animal and one of their keepers, puzzles, games, promotions and more.

You can sign up for the Kids Club e-newsletter by emailing Carrie at Be sure to include the child’s name and what email address you want the newsletters to go to. (Don’t worry, Knoxville Zoo keeps all email addresses private and never sells any personal information!)

Thanks Knoxville MamaBelle & Knoxmoms


  1. Jnkdrich says:

    Last I heard we weren’t allowed to bring food or drinks in…is that not still in place? We used to love bringing lunch and snacks in but had to stop. Thanks! 

  2. momof4csbp says:

     I always take snacks and water for my children.  They don’t check your bags or anything and I’ve never had anyone say anything to me about it.  We were just there today!

  3. They had signs (& it was posted on their website) two years ago that you could not bring in drinks & snacks ..they no longer do.

  4.  We were just there last week and took our lunch. The picnic tables were full of people doing the same.I am not aware of any rule prohibiting food/drinks.

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