Mother's Day Flower Deals

Both my mother and my mother-in-law live out of town. That makes it hard to send Mother’s Day gifts so, for me these flower deals are a good idea.

You may want to check them out yourself.

Mamapedia is offering a $30 voucher to ProFlowers for $15. There is a limit of one per person, and it can be used towards shipping. You will get your code as soon as you buy the deal and can then use it at checkout.

I bought this one  today and chose a bouquet that was $27.99. For me shipping was $9.99, a gas charge of $2.93 and tax of $3.17. I used the $30 voucher and that brought my total to $11.76.  (I used a credit to buy this. If I had not I would add back in the $15 for the deal and that means- $26.76 which is still not too bad for surprise flowers delivered to Chicago.)

Moolala is offering a $40 voucher to Enchanted Florist for just $12. Enchanted Florist is based in Nashville and ships nationwide.  This voucher cannot be used for shipping, you can buy more than one per person but only one can be applied to each order.

Let me know if you get in on either of these deals and what you chose!

If you will see your mom on Mother’s Day I would do the $3.99 Tulips at Earth Fare!


  1. Seunderwood7 says:

    Bought the deal then found out the only delivery date was Saturday which added another $10 to the cost, in addition to the $10 regular delivery. All total for a $27 flower deal it would cost me close to $40–that’s with the $15 discount. Going to hang to it for another time or try to get my money back–not worth it.

  2. Seunderwood7 says:

    Decided to try it again and tweeked it a bit–worked great and got a good deal!

  3. Great deal on flowers!

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