Publix Coming To Knoxville?!

I woke up to over 20 emails asking me if the rumors Publix will soon be in Knoxville are true.

I wish I had some insider info to share, but the truth is I have heard nothing official.

The three rumored Publix sites are Turkey Creek near the new JC Penny’s store, Northshore Town Center and Kingston Pike and Morrell (the old K-Mart building).

When and if I get details on confirmed stores and opening dates I will definitely pass them along.

Anyone else have insider info they want to share? :0)



  1. I heard these rumors a couple of years ago. I got super excited because I’m from Florida and this was my favorite grocery store. I sent the company an email to inquire. A lovely lady called me back a couple of weeks later. She told me that the company had no plans to come to Knoxville because they didn’t feel they could compete with the current grocery stores. Well, that was at least two years ago so I’m hoping they have changed their minds.  

  2. hope so,  I am a florida replant.  Publix is my grocery of choice.   I even wrote to them when I moved to this area and asked for them to follow

  3. Arismommy says:

    While visiting home (Atlanta) a store manager in Publix told me that they have asked for volunteers that would be interested in relocating to the Knoxville area. They are coming, its a matter of when and honestly I can not wait. I hope they don’t go out to Turkey Creek, seems like everything goes there b/c its “in” now. Publix will make Food City take it up a notch. And the food there is awesome, customer service is superb! I can’t wait!

  4. Couponmom59 says:

    Boy I really hope so.  We need a store that will double up to $1.00!

  5. Tenayre17 says:

    I work in the West Town Mall area, and have heard that Publix has bought the old K-Mart building. 

  6. Kodellpt says:

    I just moved from FL and could not be happier if this is true!!! I have 2 small children and would love to have a grocery store help me out to the car again! Also, nothing compares to the Publix brand foods, their subs, their buy one get one free deals, their clean stores and their customer service!!! I would be a happy mom if they came here! I currently take an hour trip to Ootlewah every other month just to get my Publix “fill”.

  7. Article on the Bearden Shopper said the Metropolitan Planning Commission is planning a Publix in the Northshore Towne Center.  There will also be a Target there.

  8. Anonymous says:

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