Strawberry Picking at The Fruit & Berry Patch

I missed strawberry season last year so I was determined to pick some this year. I gave myself a pep talk, put my one year old on my back in the baby Ergo and took the boys to pick strawberries.

We spent a beautiful  morning at The Fruit and Berry Patch. I was pleasantly surprised at how many strawberries there were.

At first the kids had a hard time understanding why we had to put them in our buckets and not just eat them. After we got over that hurdle, they had a great time.  I will say at three and five they are much better pickers than they were at two and three.

We picked nearly 9  pounds of strawberries!

The berries are very sweet and juicy.  Fresh produce is just always taste so much better to me than what you buy in the store.

I am planning to make some yummy strawberry shortcake and strawberry waffles to freeze for breakfasts. I will  just keep some around to eat and the rest of the strawberries will be frozen.

Has anyone else been to a local farm to pick some strawberries this season? Where did you go.

Does anyone have a great strawberry shortcake recipe they want to share? I am in love with the shortcake at Calhoun’s, but just can’t seem to make mine taste the same.

The Fruit and Berry Patch is located at 4407 McCloud Rd. Knoxville, TN 37938, just a few minutes “outside town.”


  1. We picked 28lbs at Rutherford’s in Maryville.  $1.25/lb   865-982-5891
    3337 Mint RoadMaryville, TN   37803  (Blount County)

    We made 10 pints of jam, froze some berries for smoothies and made a couple of pies.  I’ve never tried Calhoun’s shortcake, so I don’t know how mine would compare, but I’ll be sure to try any recipes that get posted.  Here’s a link to my pie recipe.

    If you go to Rutherford’s put your children in their rainboats.  The plants are on raised beds and the water sits between the rows in places.  Picking is much easier now that I don’t have someone on my back…although the littlest helper (3) did a better job at eating than picking.

  2. Forgot to mention that the berries at Rutherford’s are a different variety…they are larger, but not as sweet.  But still yummy. 

  3. We picked 12lbs on Thursday at the Fruit and Berry Patch….they are so good!  I made freezer jam, strawberry lemonade, froze some, and tonight we are having some with angel food cake.  My hubby loves shortcake so I’ll have to make some for him.  I also want to try making strawberry bread. 

  4. Emily,
    Thanks I have heard Rutherford’s is great. I just decided even though the berries were cheaper there ($1.25 vs $2) it would have probably cost me more in gas to drive all the way out there and back! 

  5. I love the Fruit and Berry Patch (it’s actually 1/2 mile closer to me….23 1/2 vs 24 miles).  If I lived where you do I’d definitely go there…you wouldn’t save much factoring in gas & time going to Rutherford’s.

  6. Rochele says:

    Love Rutherford’s I have picked 80lbs of strawberries from there so far!  I freeze mine and make smoothies, and muffins {yes you can make strawberry muffins} and also Strawberry cheesecake sugar cookies in the winter.  I’m hard core! LOL! 

  7. What a wonderful post, sounds so yummy! A little bummed we won’t make it for this years crop. I checked out the link you posted and we’ll make sure we give them a try in July. 🙂

  8. Every year I say I’m going to pick strawberries. And every year I forget. Maybe this year will be the year. 🙂 

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