Target Aveeno Sunscreen Deal-What Happened for You?

I have been seeing a lot of reports and several of you have been asking about the Aveeno sunscreen Target gift card deal that is happening right now.

It is advertised as Buy 2 Aveeno Sun Care Products-starting at $8.99, Get $5 Target gift card. However, there are reports of people getting a $10 gift card and that the signs in store say get a $10 gift card. Combined with some coupons that would make this a great deal on sunscreen. While on my way to Walgreens for the Cottonelle deal, I decided to check it out.

It was a little crazy.

All the signs at my Target said Buy 2 participating Aveeno products get a $10 Target gift card.  Nice.

The section was sort of a mess. In the end I found two Aveeno Baby Natural Protection sunblock sticks (I love these for kids faces!) and two other Aveeno sunscreens.  I looked at all the signs carefully to make sure I had the correct products, then off to the checkout lanes.

I tried the two sunblock sticks first. The register prompted the clerk to give me a gift card- but it was only for $5. So I asked which is was supposed to be, the ad said $5, the signs on the shelves said $10.

He called someone to check. After a few minutes the person on the other end confirmed the signs said $10 and that is what I should get. However, was not easy to change the amount of the gift card so this is what the transaction looked like:

2 Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Sunblock Sticks-$8.99 each
-2 $1/1 Aveeno Skincare or SunCare Target store coupons
-$3/2 Aveeno Products from the 3/27 SS
-$5 off becasue the cashier coupon not change the value of the gift card
Out of Pocket=$8.53
Got Back=$5 Target gift card
Final cost=$3.53 or $1.76 each after coupons and gift cards

I then put the next two Aveeno products up there, thinking we had this figured out and I could use the gift card I just earned.  For some reason those two did not prompt him to give me a gift card. At this point all three of my boys were over being patient and so was the lady behind me in line. I decided to be happy with my two sticks.

Have you tried this deal? How did it go for you? While this is a fantastic deal for sunscreen, your results may vary and you will have to spend some time getting it.


  1. I can’t find the Target Aveeno coupon on the link you provided?

  2. Sharon says:

    I just went to the Target at Harvest Park. There was a sign up that said $10, but the register didn’t even prompt for any gift card. The cashier called someone who called someone who said it was only $5. Better than nothing…

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