Whole Foods Market Coming to Knoxville!

Woo-Hoo! According to WBIR a Whole Foods grocery store is coming to Knoxville in 2013.

Whole Foods Market will be located in West Knoxville’s Papermill Plaza. (That is Papermill Drive at Kingston Pike.) Reportedly the store will be about 35,000 square feet. That is a big store!

Is everyone excited about this? Don’t worry I am already on researching the store coupon policy. :0) Now if only we could get a Publix.


  1. Did we ever hear what “upscale grocery store” is going in down at Turkey Creek?

  2. I LOVE Whole Foods! Their coupon policy is pretty much the same as Earthfare. I’m with you on the Publix thing, too!

  3. Not that I know of. Rumors were flying about Publix and Trader Joe’s. I would be happy with either. I emailed Publix and asked if they were coming to Knoxville. No response yet. :0)

  4. Anonymous says:

    So exciting! Except that I won’t be living in Knoxville anymore by that point 🙁 Oh well. It will be nice to have one available when I’m visiting family/friends.

  5. I did too after the Healthy Living Expo where the coupon gals from Chatt. said one was coming to Knoxville. No response here either!

  6. Truckerfan says:

    I am very excited!! I always shop Whole Foods when we travel to visit family… but i would love a PUBLIX!!!

  7. Shansherea says:

    we are getting 2 publix within 1 yr, kingston pk and turkey creek area.

  8. Arismommy says:

    2013 gees that’s a long time…but this is good, competitive pricing on healthier options!


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