Coupon Katie on WBIR Your Stories

For all of you who do not yet follow Coupon Katie on Facebook or Twitter you may not have heard that Coupon Katie was featured tonight on WBIR’s Your Stories.

Last week Abby Ham came over to chat about the blog, how it got started and what really goes on behind the scenes. You will get to see what a total mess our play room is!

It was really fun to have her here. Abby is just as friendly and warm in person as she seems on camera. The boys loved her. In fact, the five year old asked if she already had a husband.  ha ha.

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for reading Coupon Katie. I am very humbled and encouraged by all my great readers.


  1. Bluefrog says:

    You’re pregnant?! That’s so awesome!! Congrats!

  2. Bluefrog says:

    You’re pregnant?! That’s so awesome!! Congrats!

  3. Thanks!  It was a surprise but we are thankful and excited.

  4. Barbara Jones says:

    You are great on TV and I love your information and hope you keep it up!!!!  I am doing a lot more with coupons as we live on Social Security and our garden.


  5. Thestapletons says:

    I loved the interview, I got wrapped up in watching it and not getting ready for school. I am so excited for your new addition.

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