Thank You for My $2.36 Gas Kroger Fuel Rewards Points

I am a loyal fan of the Kroger Fuel Rewards program.  Tonight I filled up the van with $2.36/gallon gas.

Last week I used a 200 extra points coupon that I received in the mail when I did my Kroger shopping. I am not sure exactly how it worked out but I ended up getting nearly 700 points and spent around $75 after coupons.

Today those points combined with others I had and I got $1 off per gallon of gas!

Kroger customers who use their Kroger Plus card when shopping  get 100 points for each $100 worth of purchases. Once you 100 points, your Kroger  card can be used at participating Shell stations to get $.10 off a gallon for one fill-up. You can get $.30 off  a gallon after buying $300 in groceries and $1 off per gallon after spending $1000.

Here is how it works:

The read-out on a gas pump will ask if you want to use a Kroger fuel-rewards card. If you chose “Yes,” then your full-size Kroger Plus rewards card can be inserted into the station’s credit-card reader to activate the discount, which is subtracted immediately at the pump. If  you only have the  small keychain card with you  then your customer number can be keyed in at the pump and the discount will be taken.

You can check out all the details for Knoxville area Shell stations promotion here. What a great way to save on gas!

Do use Kroger Fuel Rewards? Is it worth if for your family?


  1. I used my FREE CVS GAS CARD and my Kroger card and got Free Gas…

  2. I love the Kroger Fuel points! Recently when they had the 4x fuel points on gift cards, I figured up exactly what I needed from Target, etc and bought just enough in gift cards. I saved .90 per gallon and it only cost me a few minutes to run into Kroger!

  3. Marilyndorris says:

    i am an industrial salesmen, and travel hundreds of miles a week.  i do NOT have a credit card;i pay cash for everything, and i LOVE my kroger fuel points!!!!!   for me, that computes to REAL money!

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