Free Copy of Crazy Love (or 4 other titles) by Francis Chan

I was given the book Crazy Love: Overwhemled by a Relentless God,  by Francis Chan last year. I just picked it up last week and am half way through chapter 2. So far I am really enjoying it. I have several friends who say it is the best book they have read in years. So,  I was excited to hear the publisher is giving away a free copy of this book to everyone who asks.

If you would like a free copy of Crazy Love (or Forgotten God, The Big Red Tractor, Halfway Herbert, or Ronnie Wilson’s Gift) just follow the link and fill out the request form.

Have you already read it? What did you think?

Thanks, Money Saving Mom


  1. It’s an eye opening book.  Pair it with “Radical” by David Platt and your world may be turned upside down.

  2. MissWendy says:

    his is no longer available.  This is the message that everyone is getting now:

    Christian Living
    Thanks for your overwhelming response to this limited-time offer. Look for it again next Spring!

  3. Rochele says:

    I always shy away from Christian trends which radical and crazy love seem to be, but I did order a copy just to see.  I sort of feel like in America Christians tend to run to books rather than the Word just because we have it…..10yrs ago the trend was parenting books now it’s being radicial and crazy, guess I just feel like if people would actually pick up their Bibles and read them everyday and pray we wouldn’t need books to tell us to be crazy and radical we would actually be this way because God tells us to be not because David Platt or Francis Chann tells us to be.  I am curious to see what it says though.

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