Half Off Depot-20% Off Code

If you did not get in on the fabulous Half Off Depot free five dollar code Saturday don’t worry, there is a new 20% off Half Off Depot code available.

Use the code SaveonKnoxville at checkout today (8/29) through Wednesday (8/31) and you will save 20% on your entire Half Off Depot  purchase!

There are 131 offers for Knoxville right now. A few of my favorite deals:

$34 Tennessee Riverboat Company: Lunch or Dinner Cruise-only $12 with code.

$15 to Petro’s Chips & Chili- only $6 after code

$20 to The Pizza Kitchen-only $8 after code!

$56 3-Hour Whitewater Rafting Trip from Adventures Unlimited- only $16 after code!

There are lots of restaurant deals, Bounce House birthday party deals, Spa deals. If you are looking for gifts this is a good chance to save.


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