Coupon Katie Question: Teacher Gifts

I posted this question on the Coupon Katie Facebook page, but just in case you are not a “Liker” or you haven’t checked your Facebook page today I wanted to ask it here too. I have never had to consider teacher’s gifts and they have sort of took  me by surprise this year! My son has 6 different teachers so….

1. What is an appropriate budget for teachers gifts?

2. What are good teacher gift ideas?

3. What are bad teacher gift ideas?



  1. Teachers are very happy with simple gifts. Being a high school teacher and previous middle school teacher, even just a card expressing thanks will warm one’s heart! 
    Good teacher gift ideas: school supplies! By this time of the year, we are buying Expo Markers, paper, pencils, etc. out of our own pockets, so any and all school supplies are a great idea! Books for their classroom are also amazing gifts. 
    Also, if you know anything personal about the teacher (they love coffee for example or if they have kids), try to give a more personal gift. A $10 gift card is plenty to Starbucks or even Wal-Mart. 🙂 
    I am also a huge fan of baked goods, but I know many teachers who throw them away, worried that the kids might have “done” something to them. Bad teacher gift ideas: re-gifted candles or cheesy teacher-gifts (traditional apple-esque, ABC, etc). I don’t need any more teacher mugs or pins or inspirational books. Just because we teach (and we love what we do), we do have other interests and probably have plenty of things that scream “I am a teacher”. Hope that’s helpful!!  


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