The Most Frugal Christmas Tree-Ever

Several months ago the man who is helping us get our lawn in shape (growning grass rather than weeds) told us that the tree planted on the side of our house was much too large to be there and it needed to be cut down. THE HUSBAND said, “No, don’t cut it now, we’ll use it as our Christmas tree.” I laughed and thought he just didn’t want to pay someone to do work he could do himself.  I forgot about the tree.

This weekend when we returned home from our family Thanksgiving trip THE HUSBAND said, “I’ll get you all the Christmas decorations out of the attic then I’ll cut down the tree while you start decorating.” What?! I wanted to go on the Christmas tree hunting trip. That is supposed to be a family tradition, not something he did alone. What about  gloves and boots and hot chocolate and the fiasco of tying the tree to the top of the van?  I started to get upset (remember I am very pregnant and not so rational right now.)

THE HUSBAND then reminded me of the tree right outside our front door. Seriously? Were we seriously going to cut down a tree from our front yard?

Yep. We did.  THE HUSBAND with his saw, the boys running around excited, me with the camera and the video camera,  all in our front yard. I can only imagine what our poor neighbors were thinking.

So here is The Most Frugal Christmas Tree Ever. Not only was it free, we saved money by not paying someone else to cut it down and protecting our house from any damage.

You can watch the video here, Christmas Tree 2011. I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into life around here. Merry Christmas.


  1. Loved the video! Great job!

  2. Very cute, glad you guys could make use of the tree and save money also!

  3. Love it! It’s perfect and special : )

  4. Love it! It’s perfect and special : )

  5. Rfarmer5125 says:

    what a great frugal idea, when your done you can have it turned into mulch for your yard.


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