New Publix Location Near UT Campus/Downtown!

Publix has announced another store location– and one that is much closer to me than Northshore!

A team of local developers is purchasing the old Fulton Bellows manufacturing site that sits next to the University. Local developers, Bud Cullom, Mike McGuffin and Jim Harrison have put a deal together that will allow them to build the 210,000 square foot University Commons shopping center on the property. The first two tenants to sign on are a Publix grocery store and a Walmart, which will sell general merchandise and no groceries. The development also has room for several smaller businesses along the store fronts.

Is anyone else excited about this? You can see the whole store on the University Commons shopping center here.


  1. Exciting! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  1. […] Then I realized maybe I had never posted about these before!  I know it will be a while until the Publix stores here in Knoxville will be open but  you should sign up for the Free Publix magazinesnow. That way you will  be ready […]

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