Blockbuster Express-Free DVD Rentals with Keywords

Here is another way to get some free DVD rentals from Blockbuster Express.

You can text keywords to get $1 off codes for movie rentals. To get your one-time use code (good for 10 days) text any of the keywords below to 39777.

Remember, the price of Blockbuster Express rentals varies from $.99 to $3, so these codes could make your movie free or just give you a better deal. Here are the keywords:

DENIRO       KATE          MARKET
WILIS          CHEF           QUEST
POLICE        ITALY         OWEN

Find a Blockbuster Express near you.

Thanks, Southern Savers


  1. Katie, thank you, so much! This
    has been such a big help as far as saving a little extra money goes. I wanted
    to drop a line to thank you and also give your readers a heads up about another
    great deal I found out about through my job at DISH. I just recently signed up
    for Blockbuster@Home, which gives me streaming, twenty movie channels, and home
    delivery for games and movies for only ten dollars a month. I used to have to
    pay thirty dollars combined, every month, to Gamefly and Netflix to get those
    services, so I’m automatically saving twenty dollars every month. I love it.
    Hope someone else finds a savings too!

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