Free ebook: Copycat Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

I love me some Thin Mints! Download a free CopyCat Recipes ebook featuring eight different recipes for Girl Scout Cookies.

I am not sure you can replicate the goodness of Girl Scout cookies but it might be fun to try!


  1. Jennifermcdaniel09 says:

    As a Girl Scout Mom ( & Leader) I highly discourage this. I know everyone loves them and are looking for ways to cut corners me included. The girls work really hard to sell these and make most of their money to do activities and go to camp with this fundraiser. So please buy the actual Girl Scout Cookies many of the girls depend on this to be able to partcipate in activities.  Thanks 

  2.  Agreed- buy cookies from your favorite scout- use the recipe when you realize you didn’t freeze enough boxes :0)

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