Super Easy, Yummy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

I’ll admit it, I am not usually a Chicken Pot Pie fan.  THE HUSBAND loves it but in 10 years of marriage I have never made one. Last week a friend  brought us over a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.  THE HUSBAND was excited, the boys had never seen one and were a bit disappointed it wasn’t a “real pie”.

Anyway, I tried it and let me just say it was GOOD. It was much better than I remember Chicken Pot Pie being. I have not tried making this recipe yet, but my friend swears it is super easy.  You can go here for the Super-Duper Easy Chicken Pot Pie recipe.

Thanks, Suzanne!


  1. I’ve made a similar recipe for decades with only a Bisquik batter top top crust. I seldom make only one, but several to freeze for quick meals.

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