Dollar Shave Club- The Best Deal on Razors, if you Don’t Use Coupons

THE HUSBAND came home last night asking me how much we spend a month on razors.  I told him I wasn’t sure. Usually Walgreens, CVS, Target and lately Kroger I usually get them for free or very close to it.

Why was he asking me? He had seen a promo for the new Dollar Shave Club.   I watched the promo and it made me laugh and it made me think. How much do we spend on razors? Is this a good deal?  Here is how it works:

You just chose which blade you want (the twin blade is 5 cartridges/month, the 4 blade is 4 cartridges/month and the 6 blade is 3 cartridges/month.)  Then sign up and they are delivered right to your door.

If you do not use coupons or don’t have time to run to CVS and Walgreens to get yours free Dollar Shave Club looks like a great deal!  You can check out all the details here. What do you think? Is this a good deal for you?


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