Enter to Win a Family Pass to the Titanic Museum Attraction During Titanic’s 100th Year Anniversary

The Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge will host a 100th anniversary tribute event on April 14 at 8:30 p.m. to commemorate the day the Titanic sank. Musical performances, historic ceremonies and appearances by actual descendants of Titanic’s passengers and crew will highlight the production honoring the 2,208 people aboard the ship.

As part of this years commemorative events

Coupon Katie has a Titanic Museum Family Pass to Giveaway!

Have you ever visited? Our family has once, here is just a small part of my review:

The museum was impressive.  It houses over 400 artifacts from the ship and its passengers.  We got to tour a first class suite which was large and luxurious and look at a  third class room, which is small and cramped.   We even got to walk up the Grand Staircase! I appreciated how hard the museum strives to tell the stories of the people aboard.

The boys favorites parts were touching a real iceberg and putting their hands in the 28 degree water. The also loved the Tot-Tanic room which is made especially for young kids. They got to steer the ship to avoid the iceberg, send SOS signals, climb the inclined ship decks, sit in a life boat and a lot more.

 Now for the Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive a family  pass to visit the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge during it’s 100th Anniversary event. The family pass is for two (2) adults and up to four (4) children.

Tickets must be used before August 31, 2012. (Note: Tickets can not be used for the April 14th, “A Night to Remember Event.”)

To Enter (required):

1. Tell me in the comments below what was your favorite part of the Titanic Museum (if you have been) or what you would really like to see.

Additional Entries:

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  1. We have been one time but was unable to complete the tour due to illness. The kids were very impressed with the iceberg while my husband and I both loved the staircase and the artifacts.

  2. Denise B. says:

    I haven’t been but am looking forward to getting an idea of the scale of the ship.

  3. Would love to bring the grandchildren to visit the Titanic, would be a new memory for the years to come. Love spending time with them!!!

  4. Susan Roman says:

    We have not been, but would love to see the photo’s of those who were on it and survived.

  5. I haven’t been but I would really like to see the staircase and the “expensive” linolium 🙂

  6. Patricia Centers says:

    I liked all of it, but there was not enough time to look and read all of it.

  7. I love everything pertaining to the Titanic and used to talk to my grandmother about it when I was young.  She was 8 when Titanic sank.  Now, I share the same interest with my 9 year old grandson who loves everything Titanic.  He has seen several movies (new and old), documentaries and even owns the Titanic game for the Wii. Last year we were at a yard sale and they had an old version of the Titanic movie.  It was from 1953 with Barbara Stanwyck.  The lady was so surprised with his interest and knowledge that she ended up giving him the movie.  I would really love to take him to the Titanic Museum and touch the iceberg and walk down the Grand Staircase.  Thank you Katie! 

  8. Trish5973 says:

    My favorite was the handwritten letters and documents. We spent hours in the museum trying to read them all. We would love to go back so we can read the rest of them 🙂

  9. I have always found the story of the Titanic very interesting and I would love to see the museum.


  10. Scoobydootn says:

    we have never been but everything that everyone is saying about it we would be dumd not to.

  11. /cat atkins says:

    We have not been, but would LOVE to experience it!!!!!!

  12. I have never been to the Titanic museum. My son saw it on the way to Dollywood the other day and insists we need to go. 

  13. Beccastatz says:

    I recently read “I survived the Sinking of the Titanic” with my son. We loved it! Going to the museum helped bring the book to life for me! I recommend the museum for older elementary kids!!

  14. Bridget Batchelor says:

    I thought getting a card with a passengers name on it was very creative and gave a personal touch to the attraction.

  15. We loved how the museum workers were in character.

  16. Jlindsay says:

    I would love to see the museum and experience it as a real passenger. I want to read about the passengers, their lives and experiences. The Holocost museum moved me, and I bet this one will as well.

  17. Carol Vance says:

    We have never been to the Titanic Museum.  We seldom take vacations; in fact, our oldest son says we should call our vacations sabbaticals because we only go on one every 7 years.  We are planning a vacation  this year as this same son will be a senior in high school and this may be our last chance to take a family vacation.  Our daughter is fascinated by Titanic books, movies, and facts, so I think this would be a great opportunity for all of us.

  18. S S Queen says:

    We haven’t been, but I would like to see the artifacts from the ship.

  19. Suzanne S Queen says:

    I shared your posting on Facebook, too.

  20. Suzanne S Queen says:

    And I tweeted about it with the #couponkatie hashtag. (I’m ShutterbugSuzie.)

  21. I ant to win these tickets for my friend who has wanted to go to this museum since before it opened!

  22. I haven’t been but would love to visit with my family. My children have recently become interested in the Titanic. The entire ship is interesting..the beautiful staircase, the beautiful decks, the windows…I could go on and on.

  23. I have been a Titanic fan since I was a little kid! My birthday is April 10th, the day it set sail, and it was discovered the year I was born- 1985!

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