My $1 Elmo Birthday Plates

My second son is getting ready to turn two! Wow, time flies. He is a huge Elmo fan right now so I looked around Pinterest for a few party ideas. I decided to try the Elmo plates.

I spent $1 on a package of red plates. I already had the foam sheets and glue I needed. You can grab a package of foam sheets for only $1 at the Dollar Tree if you don’t have them.

I used a washed out jelly jar to make the white part of the eyes and the bottom of a small cough syrup cup as the template for the black part of the eye. I had to use trial and error for the nose. They don’t all look alike but that makes each of them originals right? :0)

The boys had fun helping me cut out shapes and glue the eyes together. And now we have Elmo plates for our party!


  1. K_cole9999 says:

    Thank you so much for this idea.  I’m in the UK trying to source Elmo plates and they’re gonna cost a fortune.  Might well give this a go – we showed it to our daughter and she immediately identified it as Elmo


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