BeautySage Free Offer Update

Yesterday I posted about a a free deluxe sample box from    From comments and emails I know several of you signed up too.  BeautySage announced the offer on Twitter-

“Those who sign up at before launch receive this exclusive box packed with 5 deluxe samples!”

After I signed up I received an email that said:

“You’ll also receive a token of our appreciation when we launch. We’ll email you with directions to collect your special offer. Stay tuned!”

Today I received another email that said:

“In the past day or so, you signed up at BeautySage for a sample box offer. As we care deeply about our customers, we wanted take a moment to clarify the offer.

You are currently signed up to receive a coupon code via email after we launch, which can be redeemed for a free sample box (a $10 value) with your first purchase of $30 or more. As BeautySage currently ships solely in the United States, only U.S. mailing addresses will be eligible.

To be clear moving forward, we have updated our landing page and email confirmation to provide absolute clarity on this offer.”

Did anyone else get this message? Seems curious to me…

All that being said I am sorry to all of you who signed up expecting free samples. I try very hard to only post correct information from legitimate sources. It seems to me that free is what they were advertising and now that has changed…

What do you think?


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