Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

I much prefer foaming hand soap for my kiddos. It seems to be less messy and they like it so I feel like they wash their hands more.

Last week we ran out in both bathrooms so I started thinking, “I wonder if you can make your own foaming soap.”  So, I googled it. Turns out you can! It is easy and should really save you lots of money on hand soap! I read through a few different articles and tried it two different ways.

Here is what worked best for me:

Empty foaming hand soap bottle

2 Tablespoons liquid hand soap

1. Put a small amount of warm water in the bottle.

2. Add soap and swish slightly.

3. Fill the bottle with warm water and again swish slightly.

4. Replace pump and pump it a few times just to test.

I used a small bottle so this is what worked best for me. Also, do not shake the bottle vigorously or you will be cleaning up a bit of a mess.


  1. Kristin V says:

    Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap is great for making foaming handsoap. It’s economical and all-natural, too! I love the almond scent!

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