Mamasource: Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Kit & Membership for $69 Shipped

It has been about 6 years ago since THE HUSBAND practically had to carry me out of the house and force me to go to a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class. I was a little less than enthusiastic. Today I am so thankful he did! It started us on a track that has helped us get through several financially tough times- lost jobs, huge medical bills and much more. For us Financial Peace was full of practical tips and advice, easy to follow worksheets and help with making a financial plan!

If you’ve been considering taking a Financial Peace University Class, this is your chance to get a great deal on the Class Membership and Kit. There are several places locally that are holding classes. If you want to give this as a gift you can check any city to see when and where the classes will be held!

Through May 30, 2012, Mamasource is offering the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Kit and Membership for just $69 with free shipping. The lowest I’ve ever seen this priced is about $90 so this is a great deal!

If you have been through a Dave Ramsey class or attended the live event he had in Knoxville a few years ago I would love to hear what you thought of it!

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