ALDI: 5lb Bag of Potatoes for Only $.99 & Other Produce Deals

There are several great produce deals going on at ALDI this week.  My favorite is the 5lb bag of baking potatoes for only $.99!  Have I mentioned I love potatoes? I could live on them alone.  I am thinking some twice baked potatoes or some homemade french fries will be on the menu this week.

A few other Good Deals

Mushrooms (8oz)-$.69

Yellow Onions (3lb)-$.69

Grape Tomatoes (10oz)-$.89

Zucchini (24oz package)-$.89

Baking Potatoes (5lb)-$.99

L’Oven Fresh Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns (12oz)-$.79

Feta Cheese Crumbles (4oz)-$1.99

Multi Colored Peppers (3pk)-$1.49

ALDI is also a great place for staples and baking supplies. If you can’t make it to an ALDI remember that Walmart will price match so you can grab these fabulous prices there too.

Did you make a trip to ALDI this week? What was your favorite buy?

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