Ingles Best Deals of the Week 8/19/12

Here are the best Ingles deals I see for the week of 8/19/12. There are lots of $1 deals and some good produce and meat deals.

At Ingles you can double three (3) coupons with each $10 order (Six with each $20 order etc..)
You Must Have the Ingles Advantage™ Card to double coupons. Coupons of 50¢ or less will be doubled, except on tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, FREE items or Ingles coupons. Double value cannot exceed the price of the item. Double coupon savings start with each $10 purchase. No more than two (2) identical items are eligible for double coupon savings.

Buy One Get One Free Deals

Carolina Pride Ham (10 oz) at $3.48 ($1.74)

Sea Pak Seafood Products (9-20 oz) at $8.88 ($4.44)

Bakery Pound Cake (15 oz) at $2.48 ($1.24)

Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup (24 oz) at $3.68 ($1.84)

Laura Lynn Stuffing (14 oz) at $2.48 ($1.24)

Bakery Twin French Bread (16 oz) at $2.18 ($1.09)

10 for $10 Deals ($1 each, you do not need to buy 10)

Chex or Bugles Snack Mix ( 7.5-8.75 oz)
$.50/1 Chex Mix printable or $0.50/2 Chex Mix or 100 Calorie Snack from the 08/05 GM Insert
Final cost=as low as Free

Liberte Mediterranee Greek Yogurt (6 oz)
-$.30/1 Liberte Greek or Mediterranee yogurt printable
Final cos=$.40

Suddenly Salad ( 7.25-7.75 oz)
-$.55/1 Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad mixes printable
Final cost=$.45

Yoplait Greek Yogurt Cups (6 oz)
-.50/2 Yoplait Greek yogurt printable or $1.50/5 Yoplait Greek yogurt cups from the 8/19 SmartSource
Final cost=as low as $.50

Mrs. Cubbison’s Croutons (5 oz)
$1/2 Mrs. Cubbison’s printable
Final cost=$.50

Horizon Organic Single Serve Milk (8 oz)

Laura Lynn Squeeze Margarine (12 oz)

Armour Lunchmakers

Banquet Frozen Dinners (5-10.25 oz )

Bisquick Shake ‘N Pour Pancake Mix

Del Monte Canned Pineapple (15.25 oz)

Libby’s Canned Fruit (15-15.25 oz)

LIbby’s Read Salads (15 oz)

Libby’s Gourmet Canned Corn (15 oz)

Green Giant Canned Vegetables (11-15.25 oz)

Ro-Tel Canned Tomatoes (10 oz)

Laura Lynn Canned Tomatoes ( 28 oz)

Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes (15 oz)

Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce (26.5 oz)

Hunt’s Manwich or Spaghetti Sauce (15.5-24 oz)

Hunt’s Ketchup ( 24 oz)

Del Monte Ketchup (24 oz)

Laura Lynn Squeeze Mustard ( 24 oz)

Van Camp’s Beanee Weenees ( 7.75 oz )

Del Monte Sloppy Joe Sauce (15 oz)

Laura Lynn Pickle Relish (10 oz)

Laura Lynn Bread Crumbs (8-15 oz)

Laura Lynn Taco Shells (12 ct)

McCormick Recipe Inspirations (.17-.39 oz)

Act II Microwave Popcorn (3 ct)

Laura Lynn Potato Chips ( 6 oz)

Nathan’s or T.G.I.F. Snacks (3 oz)

Laura Lynn Cookies (10-11 oz)

Snack Pack Puddings or Gelatin (13 oz)

Laura Lynn Deluxe Fudge Brownie Mix (10.25 oz)

Larabar Bars

Laura Lynn Sugar Substitute (100 ct)

Laura Lynn Tagless Tea Bags (100 ct)

Deer Park Aquapod (8 ct)


Flavor First Fresh Corn-$0.33


California Peaches-$.98/lb

Dippin’ Stix (apples & Dip)-$1

Haas Avocados-$1.25

California Bartlett Pears-$1.28/lb

Appalachian Harvest Organic Cucumbers-$1.48

Grape Tomatoes (Pint)- $1.50

Organic Tomatoes-$1.78 lb

Sweet Onions (3 lb bag)-$2.50

Organic Grapes-$2.48 lb


Armour Pepperoni (3 oz)-$1

Armour Meat Weiners (12 oz)-$1

Harvest Farms Whole Chicken-$1.28 lb

Tyson Whole Cut-Up Chicken-$1.28 lb

Tyson Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Tenders -$1.98/lb

Carolina Pride Bacon (12 oz)- $2.50

Tyson Best of Boneless Combo Pack-$2.28 lb

Birchwood 75% Lean Ground Beef Patties (family pack)-$2.68 lb

Beef Bottom Round Roast-$2.98 lb

Other Good Deals

Betty Crocker Muffin or Cookie Mixes
-$.75/2 coupon from the 8/5 GM insert
Final cost=$.63

Powerade Drinks (32 oz)-$0.67

Big G Cereals (8.9-12 oz)-$2
Pictured – Cheerios, Total
$0.50/1 General Mills Original Cheerios Cereal or $0.60/1 General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal or -$1/3 General Mills cereal from the 8/05 SmartSource
Final cost=as low as $1

Post Cereals (11-20 oz) $2
Manufacturer Coupon -$1/2 Post Cocoa Pebbles cereals printable
$1/1 Post Shredded Wheat Cereal, 9.25 oz+ or $1/1 Post Shredded Wheat or Grape Nuts Cereals, 9 oz+ or $1/2 Post cereals coupon from 7/22 SmartSource
Final cost=as low as $1

Mayfield Ice Cream Bars or Sandwiches (6 ct)$2
-$.75/1 Mayfield Ice Cream 1.5 qt OR Mayfield Frozen Novelty coupon from the 8/05 SmartSource
Final cost=$1.25

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts (8 ct)-$1.67
-$1/3 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts or Pop Tarts minis from the 7/29 SmartSource or $0.70/1 Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Mini Crips Toaster Pastries, 6 ct+
Final cost=$1.34

Mayfield Ice Cream (56 oz)-$2.50
-$.75/1 Mayfield Ice Cream 1.5 qt OR Mayfield Frozen Novelty coupon from the 8/05 SmartSource
Final cost=$1.75

Country Crock Side Dishes-$2.98
-$1/1 from the 8/19 SmartSource
Final cost=$1.98

Post Cereal Bars (8 ct)-$2
-$1/2 Post kids cereals or treats from the 7/22 SmartSource or $1/2 Post Cereals or Treats printable
Final cost=$1.50

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars (8 ct)-$2.50
$1/2 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars printable or $.75/2 from the 8/5 RedPlum
Final cost=$2

Mayfield Sundae Cones or Super Scoops-$3
-$.75/1 Mayfield Ice Cream 1.5 qt OR Mayfield Frozen Novelty coupon from the 8/05 SmartSource
Final cost=$2.25

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