Office Max Back to School Deals 8/26/12

There are still a few more back to school deals out there. Here are the best ones I see at OfficeMax for the week of 8/26/12.

Just Basics #2 Pencils (12 pack)-$.25, limit 3

Schoolio 3×5 Index Cards (100ct)-$.25, limit 3

Officemax Assorted Grips and Erasers (40 pack)- $.25, limit 3

Schoolio Compsition Books-$.75, limit 3

Officemax Glue Combo Packs (liquid & Glue sticks, or liquid glue & scissors)-$.50, limit 3

Bic Round Stic Grip Ballpoint Pens (12pack)-$1, limit 2

Officemax Poly Notebooks (70 sheets)-$1

Officemax Notebook (100 sheets)-$1

Schoolio Colored Pencils (24 pack)-$1

Westcott 5″ scissors (2 pack)-$2

OfficeMax 8.5×11 Mult (1 ream)-$6.99, limit 2
Get Back $6.98 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
Final cost=1¢

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