Aldi Shopping Guide

Aldi has now opened a few stores around town; so I wanted to put together a store guide that should tell you all you need to know about shopping at Aldi.  Aldi has consistently low prices on all sorts of groceries. It is a great store to add to your shopping options.

Low Prices. Aldi regular prices are great compared to grocery store regular prices. They have excellent prices on produce and staples like milk, eggs,cheese, flour and sugar. If you never use coupons, then you will find that you can save a lot more by shopping at Aldi.

Leave the Coupons at home. Aldi does not accept coupons. It wouldn’t make much difference even if they did because they carry very few brand name items. The brand name items that they do sell could probably be purchased for less with a coupon at another store.
Try Aldi’s store brand. I have tried several of their products and they taste just as good as the regular brand and Aldi offers a double your money back guarantee on all their products. If you don’t like it just return the item to the store.

Bring a Quarter. You will need to bring a quarter to “rent” a shopping cart. You have to insert a quarter to release a cart from the other carts. When you are done shopping return your cart by hooking it back up to the chain system and you will get your quarter back. In the end this saves you money because Aldi doesn’t  hire workers to gather up the carts like other stores.

Bring  Your Own Shopping Bags. If you don’t want to pay for bags (a nickel for paper and a dime for plastic), bring your own. You can also collect empty boxes from around the store to help take your groceries home. When you checkout, you place your items on the belt and the cashier scans them and places them back in your cart. You then take you cart to a table along the wall where you bag up your groceries yourself.

Bring Cash. Aldi only accepts cash, debit, or food stamps/EBT cards.

What else can you expect from Aldi? Their stores are smaller and simple. They are clean, organized, and have wide aisles. You will also notice Aldi doesn’t have shelves  like most grocery stores. Instead, pallets of the food products are used to make up aisles and you just remove the items directly from the pallet.  There are no greeters, baggers, much decoration or “frills”. That is all part of how they keep their prices low.

How about you? Any tips for shopping Aldi?

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