Walmart Coupon Policy Changes

I have received several questions over the last two weeks about Walmart’s coupon policy changing. I did a little asking around and while you will not see any change in Walmart’s online coupon policy it seems there have been a few internal updates.

Walmart Coupon Policy Changes:

1. All Walmart Register systems were updated to accept the GS1 Date bar Codes that most coupons have switched to and all eventually will go to.

2. All coupons must be scanned on the flatbed scanners, the handheld scanners are not supposed to be used any longer.

3. The coupon must scan (not a new change) . Cashiers/CSM’s or Managers are not allowed to override or manually enter coupons.

4. If a coupon does not scan they are instructed to return the coupon to you. This applies to Printable Coupons and newspaper insert coupons.

This is in an effort to curb coupon fraud. I’m interested to hear your experiences and what you think about these changes.

Thanks, I heart the Mart and Steve


  1. I have had issues at Walmart with these changes. I think it’s wrong of them a scan is a scan why should it matter if it’s from the flatbed or the hand held. I might be able to see this if the person has a bunch of the same coupons but for the person who has just a couple? Every printer and paper is different, sometimes they just print a little blurry from paper bleed. I’m on unemployment and need these coupons to be able to stretch every penny we have.

  2. Several times I’ve had issues at walmart with clipped coupons that say something like “buy any 2 nabisco items and save $0.75.” When the cashier scans it, it says that it doesn’t match, and then the cashier will override it and put the coupon in manually. I guess because the coupon doesn’t say a specific item, like fig newtons, then the computer is not recognizing that I have 2 nabisco items. This new policy is not going to cause a lot of issues.

  3. * I meant it IS going to cause a lot of problems

  4. susan miller says:

    I have issues with Walmart’s new policy too. I bought 2 items that had coupons on them. They would not scan either way, hand held or by scanner, and the cashier gave them back to me. Give me a break! They came off a product I just bought. I hate Walmart but because of low prices have to shop there for some items. Makes me wish I never had to go back!

  5. Donna Goforth says:

    I usually do not shop Walmart, but they are the only store that carries my hair products. Yesterday, my cashier had to call the CSM for my coupon not scanning (maybe because it was buy 2 get 1 free). She allowed me to use it with an override. One of just a few good experiences at Walmart.

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