Ingles Best Deals of the Week 11/18/12

Here are the best deals I see at Ingles for the week of 11/18/12. There is still some time to get in on the good Thanksgiving deals. If you are new to using coupons at Ingles here is a short run down of the Ingles policy:

At Ingles you can double three (3) coupons with each $10 order (Six with each $20 order etc..)
You Must Have the Ingles Advantage™ Card to double coupons. Coupons of 50¢ or less will be doubled, except on tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, FREE items or Ingles coupons. Double value cannot exceed the price of the item. Double coupon savings start with each $10 purchase. No more than two (2) identical items are eligible for double coupon savings.

Through Nov. 24th, you can earn a free Butterball Turkey from Ingles. Each purchase of $50 or more with your Ingles Advantage card will earn you 1 point. When you collect 6 points you can redeem them for a free 12- to 14-pound Butterball Turkey. You can only earn 1 point per transaction. This is not worth buying things you do not need but it you are a regular Ingles shopper, this is a deal to be aware of.

Buy One Get One Free Deals 

Noble Juice –Tangerine, Clementine, or Blood Orange (32 oz)-$4.98 ($2.49)
$1/3 Noble Juice product printable
Final cost= $2.16

Birds Eye Steamfresh Premium, Chef Favorites, or Lightly Seasoned Vegetable Blends (10-16oz)-$2.58 ($1.29)
$0.35/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh 100% Whole Grain Blend or $0.50/1 Steamfresh Chefs Favorites Variety
Final cost=$.29

Smart Balance Butter (7.5-45 oz)-$7.28 ($3.64)
-$.50/1 Smart Balance spreadable butter or blended butter sticks from the 11/18 SmartSource or $1/2 Smart Balance Items
Final cost=as low as $2.64

Sabra Hummus-$4.99 ($2.49)

Bakery Dinner Rolls (12 ct)- $2.48 ($1.24)

Lay’s Brand Potato Chips (10-10.5 oz)-$4.29 ($2.14)

College Inn Broth (32 oz)-$2.78 ($1.39)
$0.55/1 College Inn Broth
Final cost=$.84

McCormick Gravy Envelope (.75-2.64 oz)- $1.28 ($.64)

McCormick Spices (.12-2.37 oz) entire line, prices vary

Filippo Berio Olive Oil (16.9 oz)- $6.48 ($3.24)

Laura Lynn Vitamins, prices vary

Shaving Cream or Gel-$4.98 ($2.49)
$1/1 Neutrogena Men Product, excludes trial size or $1/1 Neutrogena facial cleansing, haircare, men’s or hand & body skincare, excl trial size, bar soap, suncare, acne or facial moisturizer treatment from the 10/28 SmartSource
Final cost=$1.49

Philips Light Bulbs (2 ct)-$1.98 ($.99)

Chinet All-Occasion Napkins (90 ct)-$2.18 ($1.09)
$1/1 Chinet Branded Product or $1/1 Chinet Product, any
Final cost=$0.09

Chinet Plates(12-35 ct)-$3.38 ($1.69)
$1/1 Chinet Branded Product or $1/1 Chinet Product, any
Final cost=$.69


Sweet Potatoes-$.38/lb

Large Crisp Celery-$.88

Organic Sweet Potatoes-$.98/lb

Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberries (12 oz)-$1.98
$1/1 Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberries, 12 oz (Facebook) printable
Final cost=$.98

Fuji Apples-$1.38/lb

Eat Smart Broccoli Mixes-$1.50

Green Giant Baby Peeled Carrots (1 lb bag)-$1.50

Organic Cranberries (7.5 oz)- $1.98

Red or Yellow Potatoes (5 lb bag)- $2.98

Florida Naval Oranges (4 lb bag)- $2.98

Florida Tangerines (3 lb bag)- $2.50

Gold or Rome Apples (5 lb bag)- $3.98


Honeysuckle White Grade A Frozen Turkeys (10-24 lbs)-$.78/lb, limit 2

Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster-$.98/lb

Harvest Farms Whole Chicken-$1.28/lb

Pride of the Farm Frozen Turkey Breast-$1.68/lb

Cades cove Whole Smoked Ham-$1.98/lb

Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (family pack)-$1.98/lb

Gwaltney Spiral Half Ham-$1.98/lb

Fresh Butterball Turkeys (10-24 lbs)-$1.98/lb
$1/1 Butterball Whole Turkey, Boneless Roast, Bone-In Breast or Ready to Roast Turkey, Fresh or Frozen


Other Deals

Swanson Broth (14.5 oz)-$.58
-$.40/5 Swanson broth cans from the 11/4 SmartSource
Final cost=$.42

Cool Whip Topping (8 oz)- $1
$1/2 Craft Cool Whip Toppings, 8 oz+
Final cost=$.50

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes-$1
$0.50/2 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes, Except Potato Buds and Betty Crocker Pouch or $0.50/2 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes from the 10/07 GM Insert
Final cost=$.50

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt (4 ct)-$1.67
$1/1 Dannon Light and Fit Greek, 4 pk, any flavor
Final cost=$.67

Duncan Hines Cake Mix- $1.25
$1/2 Duncan Hines Products
Final cost=$.75

Green Giant Box Sauced Vegetables (7-10 oz)-$1
$.60/3 Green Giant frozen boxed vegetables from the 10/14 or 11/11 SmartSource
Final cost=$.80

International Delight Coffee Creamer (16 oz)-$1.50
$0.55/1 International Delight Creamer or $0.55/1 International Delight Coffee Creamer, Singles, Pints, Quarts, or Half Gallons
Final cost=$.95

Smucker’s Jam or Jelly-$2.08
-$1/2 or $.35/1 Smucker’s jam, jelly, preserves or fruit spread from the 11/4 RedPlum
Final cost=$1.38

General Mills Big G Cereals-$2.50
Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios
$0.50/1 General Mills Original Cheerios Cereal, the one in the yellow box or $0.60/1 General Mills Original Cheerios Cereal, the one in the yellow box or $1/2 General Mills Flavored Cheerios Cereals
Final cost=$1.50

Hershey’s Baking Chips (8-11.5 oz)- $2
-$1/2 Hershey’s Baking Melts, Heath or Reese’s baking chips from the 11/11 SmartSource
Final cost=$1.50

Sargento Shredded Cheese-$1.59

Country Crock Butter (45 oz)-$2.98
-$1/1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter or Country Crock spread, excl Country Crock flavored spreads, RP 11/11
Final cost=$1.98

Green Giant Bag Vegetables (19-24 oz)- $2.50
-$.75/2 Green Giant frozen bagged vegetables from the 11/11 SmartSource
Final cost=$2.12

Mrs. Smith’s Pumpkin Pie-$4
-$1/1 from the 11/18 SmartSource or $1/1 Mrs. Smith’s Whole Pie, 27 oz+
Final cost=$3

Sister Schubert’s Yeast Rolls-$3
-$.50/1 from the 11/18 SmartSource
Final cost=$2

Hershey’s Packaged Candies-$3.33 each
-$1/2 from the 11/18 SmartSource
Final cost=$2.83

Starbucks Coffee (12 oz or 10 ct)- $6.98
-$1.50/1 Starbucks coffee bag from the 9/09 SmartSource (exp 11/15) or $3/2 Starbucks Coffee or $3/2 Starbucks Coffee (IE), Bags 11oz+, K-Cup pack, or Via Ready Brew, Excluding 3 pk
Final cost=$5.48

Kraft Instant Savings Promotion

Save $5 instantly when you buy any 10 participating Kraft items. Mix or Match. Price listed is after instant savings.
Philadelphia Cream Cheese,-$.75
-$.40/2 or $1/2  Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese from the 10/14 SmartSource
Final cost=$.25

Kraft Fresh Take Cheese-$2
-.75/1 Kraft Fresh Take cheese printable
Final cost=$1.25

Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese (8 oz)-$2.48

Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheese (8 oz)-$2.98
-$1/1 Cracker Barrel block, cracker cuts or bar cheese from the 11/11 SmartSource
Final cost=$1.98

Breakstone’s Sour Cream-$.48

Maxwell House Canned Coffee-$7.48
$1/1 Maxwell House Coffee, 28-30.6 oz
Final cost=$6.48

Stove Top Stuffing-$.48
$1/2 Kraft Stove Top Stuffing Mix, 6 oz+
Final cost=Free

Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip-$2.48
$1/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip Squeeze Dressing, 22 oz+ or $.35/1 Kraft mayo from the 11/11 SmartSource
Final cost=$1.48

Kraft or Velveeta Mac & Cheese Dinner,- $1.50

Velveeta Cheese Loaf, 16 oz, $2.98
-$1/1 from the 11/11 SmartSource
Final cost=$1.98

Kraft Singles, Chunks, or Shreds-$2
$1/2 Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese, 8 oz+ or $1/2 Kraft Natural Cheese Chunks, 8 oz
Final cost=$1.50

Planters Peanuts (16 oz)-$2.98
– $1/2 Planters nuts from the 11/11 SmartSource
Final cost=$1.98

Planters Mixed Nuts or Cashews, 8-10.3 oz, $3.98
$1/1 Planters Mixed Nuts or Cashews Halves and Pieces or $1/2 Planters nuts from the 11/11 SmartSource
Final cost=$2.98

Kraft Salad Dressing-$1.17
$1/2 Kraft Dressings, 16 oz, any
Final cost=$.57

Crystal Light On The Go Drink Mixes,-$1.48

Kool-Aid, Tang, or Country Time Drink Mixes (6-8 quart)-$1.98


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