Two Free Redbox Rental Codes

Text the words TRYGAMES and TRYITOUT to the number 727272 and you’ll get two free Redbox rental codes! Each codes is good for $2 off your rental. That allows you to get a free one-night game or DVD rental from any Redbox Kiosk.

Thanks, The Freebie Blogger


  1. kathy tullos says:

    I did this and the text I got said for game rental. does not mention movie. Has someone else done this? If so can it be used for a movie and will I be getting lots of “spam” text now?

  2. I have tried this. You cannot use code online to reserve, must be used at the kiosk. Also, when I tried to use it for DVDs, a screen popped up and said the code was only good for a game rental.

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