Vistaprint: 140 Personalized Gift or Address Labels as Low as Only $3.50 Shipped

Vistaprint is once again offering their free label deal! For 3 days only, create your own FREE holiday labels! These are great for Christmas cards return address labels, labeling  holiday baked goods, or even making custom “to and from” labels for presents.

You can use a pre-designed background, or upload your own photos too! You get 140 free labels free,shipped for as low as $3.50!

To get your 140 free labels:

Go here and browse through all the labels available (it could take awhile, there are a lot!)
Choose a design
Personalize your labels to make them perfect for you.
When finished, start the checkout process.
Do NOT add any additional items to your order. (On the partners offers page, make sure to SKIP all the offers by leaving the boxes unchecked.)

Choose your shipping


You will get 140 personalized labels shipped right to your door within 7 days for right around $3.50!

What style will you chose for your labels?! (You can order up to 3 different labels for free)


  1. Leah Girbert says:

    Hey Katie! I can’t get your link to work and when I go to Vistaprint the labels are still $3.99 and shipping is $5. What am I doing wrong? I love when they do these promotions for the free labels!!

  2. Leah- Thanks! I updated links. They should work now! If not let me know.

  3. Leah Girbert says:

    Yay! It worked! Thanks so much!

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