Easy Reindeer Cookies & What I Learned About M&Ms

The boys and I made some Reindeer cookies over the weekend and I thought I would share them with you! They were lots of fun and very easy. All they require are some Nutter Butters, pretzels, white icing and M&M’s. Speaking of M&M’s I learned a few things during our cookie making. I was inspired by some cookies on Pinterest but I simplified them a bit for my crew.

#1- The white chocolate mint M&M’s in red are perfect for the noses because they are a little larger than normal M&Ms. (and they are unbelievably Yummy).
#2- A package of M&M’s contains very few brown M&M’s! THE HUSBAND ran out and grabbed 2 regular bags for me and I assumed that would be enough. I was totally wrong! There were 9 brown M&M’s total between the 2 bags. Who knew?

I had the boys sort all our “ingredients” to get ready. They red M&M’s were for the noses, the brown and white for the eyes.

And here they are. We just used a little icing as “glue” for the pretzel antlers, the M&M eyes and red nose.  Super easy!

Here is the whole plate of reindeer cookies. We had to improvise and use different colors for the eyes due to the scarcity of brown M&M’s but it all worked out!

What fun Christmas treats are you making this year? I love new (read new and easy) ideas so please share!

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