Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets: Easy & Frugal Craft for Kids


My sister and I decided last year to start the tradition of having the kids (I have 4 boys, she has 4 girls) make Christmas gifts for each other. One day, I am hoping THE HUSBAND will have them in his workshop making beautiful furniture. For now, we are sticking to simple crafts.

This year we gave pipe cleaner animals a try.  We already had all the supplies we needed. The boys could be creative making the puppets and the girls could be creative playing with them. Perfect.

Needed Supplies:

Pipe Cleaners

Mini Pom Poms

Glue (we used Elmer’s. If I were craftier and had a hot glue gun it would have worked better)

Googly Eyes


Making your Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppet

1. Wrap pipe cleaner around your (or your child’s) finger or a large pencil. It is better to wrap it tightly and stretch it out.

2.Leave the top as tightly coiled at possible so you can glue the pom pom (head) to the top.


3. Add eyes, wings or ears. Decorate to make them what you want. The possibilities are endless!


The boys created angels, bumble bees, reindeer, monsters and more.


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