Food City Introducing Digital Coupons

food-ciyt-ecouponsFood City is now offering Digital Coupons.  To add coupons to your Food City Value Card you will need to create a My.FoodCity account. You will just answer a few questions and enter your Food City Value Card number.


You can then add the coupons that you would like to your card. These coupons will be available one hour after you add them. You can have up to 250 coupons on your card at a time.

Limit one use per digital coupon per transaction. Digital offers cannot be combined with manufacturer paper coupons on the purchase of a single item and do not double. Not all items are available in all stores.


  1. Glad to be doing the digital coupons !

  2. catherine gordon says:

    always glad to save money

  3. dorothy justice says:

    i love using the food city value card

  4. donna mcfarland says:

    Love food city

  5. like food city

  6. Sarah Castle says:

    food city coupons

  7. willa m walker says:

    card no. 40003961556

  8. Elizabeth Moss says:

    cannot wait to see how much i save

  9. looking too save

  10. Gail Weihrouch says:

    Looking too save!

  11. Food City Digital Coupons.

  12. Love coupon savings but hate the clipping.

  13. 4-0010-700458

  14. donna fleenor says:

    I think this offer from food city is a great idea. I think it will make a lot if difference to regular shoppers as well creating new ones! Thank you Food City

  15. donna fleenor says:

    card 4-0010-727008

  16. We want to register for DIGITAL COUPONS.

    Our Card # is 4-0000-331748

  17. We want to register for digital coupons.

    Our Card # 4-000-331748

  18. martha or jack jennings says:

    thank you for these savings we have a new food city in our area

  19. martha or jack jennings says:

    thank you for digital coupons good idea we have a new store near us

  20. martha or jack jennings says:

    thank you for digital coupons our card # is 4 0001 376137

  21. Sandra Merrill says:

    shop there on reg. basis

  22. Tina kellam says:

    looking forward to saving money!

  23. Tina kellam says:

    card number 4 0003 583970

  24. Sandy Reeves says:

    Want to register for digal coupon

  25. I would like to get more savings on my grocery shopping each week I am a value shopper and always looking for bargains and couponing is a great way to do this.

  26. my card number is: 4-0000-346225

  27. shirley m.osborne-toomey says:

    food city digital coupons

  28. shirley m.osborne-toomey says:

    want to register for food city digital coupons

  29. Angel Coomer says:

    I am having trouble getting to get register for digital coupons from food city I would like to get them on my food city value card but having no luck at it

  30. Kay Kuchan says:

    would like to use digital coupons

  31. first time for the digital coupons hopefully I will be successful. I am on Facebook.

  32. can’t find where I need to put my card number it can be found until phone number or card number is Thank You

  33. If this is your first time adding digital coupons click on the create a My.FoodCity account link in the post. It will take you to the Food City page and on the top left corner click on “register” this will take you step by step through setting up your account. Then you can add the coupons you want!

  34. Glad to do dig. Coupons

  35. Marla whetsell says:

    Glad about digital coupons

  36. Is there anyway to tell if the digital coupons were used?

  37. Marybeth says:

    How to get value card

  38. Joyce Kitts says:

    I am having trouble registering for digital coupons for Food City. HELP

  39. Diane Andies says:

    Ready to start saving when cokes are on sale why is there a limit

  40. wanda mae jones says:

    I cannot get the digital coupons to work on my phone. Any other way of getting these coupon savings


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