My Chalkboard Wall is Finished!

My chalkboard wall is finished!

My photo prints came from Canvas People last week.  THE HUSBAND  made the chalk ledge and painted the wall over the weekend. He used Benjamin Moore’s chalkboard paint (It worked really well. Just a tip if you are considering a wall of your own.)   It was hard to wait 72 hours for the paint to dry!

We hung the photos and THE HUSBAND made everyone a to do list.


The boys colored on the bottom half this morning while I was making breakfast. So far, it is a big hit around here.

Before entry-wall

After chalkboard-wall

I have already learned that there really is no such thing as dustless chalk . Before writing on the wall we followed directions and rubbed the entire surface with a piece of white chalk. That produced a lot of dust, even with “dustless” chalk!

I also learned you can clean your chalkboard will with Coca-Cola. Just wet a rag with a little bit of Coke and it cleans all the chalk, makes you wall shiny and is not sticky! Who knew?


  1. That looks amazing!

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