My Pinterest Cooking Experiment: Spicy Thai Noodles


I finally tried one on the recipes I have pinned on Pinterest. The boys all love the “noodles” at one of our favorite restaurants so I thought I would give these Spicy Thai Noodles try. (By the way,  her pics are much better than mine.)

It should be noted I was wrong about having sesame oil- I did not. So, I roasted some sesame seeds in vegetable oil to make a substitute. It worked great! I only used 1/2 oil and 1 tablespoon of crushed red pepper.

The verdict: THE HUSBAND loved it, I liked it a lot and all three of the boys liked it but found it a little too spicy.  I added grilled chicken and everyone was on board with that.  I will make spicy Thai noodles again, with a little less spice.


  1. It would be well worth investing in a bottle of Toasted Sesame Oil which is easily found at most grocery stores but I have found it to be much less expensive at the Oriental Food stores in Knoxville. I keep it as a staple in our house. A little goes a long way in most recipes and you may want to use less than the 1/2 cup as specified in this particular recipe.

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