Kroger Select Your Deal : Chose Your Favorite eCoupon


As part of the Kroger Cartbuster sale going on right now you get to Select Your Deal. When you log in to your Kroger account you will be able to select the eCoupon you want to load to your Kroger card.  Coupons will vary by region, store and cardholder.

The coupons above are the ones I was offered. I have also heard of
Save $2.50 on Pepto Bismol
FREE Iams Cat Food 3 oz (no purchase required)
Save $1 on Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice
Save $1.50 on Old Spice Body Wash
Save $2.00 on two Jell-O refrigerated products

How about you? What coupons did you get to chose from?

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