Subway Free Breakfast Sandwich and Coffee March11-16th Reminder


Reminder! Subway is offering a free 3-inch SUBWAY® flatbread breakfast sandwich and a coffee!  The offer is valid March-11th-March 16th, but you need to chose your Subway and register now! There are 11 Knoxville stores participating. You chose the day, time and what sandwich you want!

To receive your free Breakfast Melt on your chose day you will need to  show your SUBWAY® restaurant cashier the confirmation email on your smart phone or  print out the reservation confirmation  you will receive.


  1. Where are the locations for the free breakfast?

  2. kim banks says:

    Great offer

  3. Ellen Condon says:

    I would love to try the breakfast sandwich but am gluten free so I will ask you to leave the bread off. Thanks!

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