Weigel’s Rewards Club Card : Save up to 10¢ Per Gallon of Gas


Just in time for the Summer Travel Season Weigel’s has introduced a new Weigel’s Reward Club Card gas savings program.

Here is the information available about their new Pump Rewards Card:

You can now link your checking account and your selected PIN with your Weigel’s Rewards Club Card so you can pay for gas and merchandise at Weigel’s locations. It’s safer than a credit card and works like your bank debit card. It’s the convenient way to pay and SAVE on all your fuel purchases.

  • NO purchase necessary to obtain the gas discount
  • NO hold put on your account
  • NO background check to obtain the card

How Does it Work?

It works by attaching your bank account to your Weigel’s Rewards Club Card. This is done through the secure online enrollment page.
Your Weigel’s Rewards Club Card will function like an electronic check, similar to a debit card.
Each time you use your card, you will receive an email summarizing the transaction.
This is not a credit card. Enrolling does not affect your credit history.
Requirements are: a Weigel’s Rewards Club Card, a U.S. checking account, an active email address and you must be at least 18 years old.
The reward is the gas savings you receive on every purchase. Watch the pump INSTANTLY rollback the price!

I have not enrolled yet so I am not certain on the details. It does say “up to 10¢ off”. When I looked at the FAQ to find out exactly how you were rewarded this is what I found:

14. How much of a reward will I receive for using this payment method?

The reward offered is determined by each participating location. Each location may offer various discounts or points. The rewards offered may also vary from the amount at the time of your enrollment. Rewards are subject to change based upon the merchant’s discretion.

So, has anyone enrolled? What do you think so far?


  1. frances merritt says:

    up grade rewards card to weigels reward club card

  2. Richard E. McMillen says:

    I want this club card to save up to 10 cents per gallon on gas



  4. i was going to try this but ever time i try this is what i get ,,,,so i don’t know about it now!
    Rewards Card Privacy Policy© 2013 Weigel’s Inc. All right reserved.
    Rewards Card Privacy Policy t he page you were looking for was not found!

  5. Penny Hoover says:

    I want to sign up for the rewards gas card. Is it a different card than the one I already have?

  6. I have no comment

  7. facebook_patricia.myers.98499 says:

    I would like to save 10 cents off a gallon of gas

  8. I have no comment

  9. thomas l rice says:

    i have lost my big card ive got my little card i like to get the big back what do i need to do

  10. Geneva Westmoreland says:

    I would like for an e-mail back to me or have someone to call me at 423 335-7878 . I was at weigles and I was told to do this so I can use my card. Thanks

  11. no comment

  12. no comment at this time.

  13. ok

  14. I’m wanting to activate my card.

  15. Cindy Devine says:

    I fill my car up twice a week.Weigels is the only place i get gas.But..If i dont got my card activated so i can save my business will go somewhere else its been 3 months still waitting.423-721-8130 cindy

  16. Cindy Devine says:

    I fill my car up twice a week.Weigels is the only place i get gas.

  17. live on fixed income. every bit counts!!!!

  18. mariacooley says:

    want a card for the gas discount

  19. danielle grimme says:

    Love geting my gas there very cheaper and staff are very friendly

  20. BETTY H BROWN says:

    I would like to get my $.10 off per gallon rewards card… Please help me!!!!

  21. I have had the card for awhile now and have enjoyed the 10 cent savings, but now have noticed that it’s just 7 cents savings now. How much longer till it’s 5, then 3 cents?

  22. i like it


  24. Stanley Wallace says:

    No comment

  25. Stanley Wallace says:

    I want to activate my card

  26. Stanley Wallace says:

    Enroll me

  27. I want this Weigels Club Card!

  28. You need to keep a eye on your gas stations prices. $1.98at weigles in crossville tn. With the club card. And $1.89 at crossville Wal-Mart. Where is the savings? Not a happy camper.

  29. Sandra McKnight says:

    Is it possible to attach this rewards card to my debit card? l can only write 5 checks a month without threre being a service charge to my account at Bank of America.

  30. so glad to becoming a new member.

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