Cute, Easy DIY Fruit Fly Catcher (and Mine)

Last week I posted on the Coupon Katie Facebook page that I was having a fruit fly issue. That is what I get for leaving dinner dishes in the sink overnight. 🙂 Lesson learned to never to that again!

Fruit flies were ALL over my kitchen.  Thanks to all my Facebook followers who shared with me the apple cider vinegar trick. Simply pour a little apple cider vinegar, a little water and a touch of dish soap in a shallow bowl and it attracts the flies. Perfect.

I gave it a try. While I was catching several flies I noticed several getting away. Hmm.  Someone recommended  saran wrap over the bowl, then poking holes in the wrap. That way flies could get in but not out.

I had no saran wrap. None.

Then I came across this great idea from My Blessed Life.


Cute and functional right? It traps the flies in the bottom- no saran wrap required. And, it would look much better on sitting my kitchen cabinet than fly strip I was considering.

I could do this. Well, sort of.

I had a Mason jar and the vinegar- victory. I found an art project from last week that would work for the funnel-moving right along. I then searched the house and discovered we had no tape in the house.  I have quit asking, “How are we out of ….?” We just are.  A large dinosaur sticker saved the day.

So this is it folks. Like most things around here it is not pretty but it works. 🙂


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