Facebook Update: How to Get Coupon Katie Updates in Your News Feed


I know a lot of you have been frustrated by the constant changes on Facebook and how you/or even if you get Coupon Katie updates in your News Feed. (That didn’t stop you guys from helping me figure out how to kill all the fruit flies in my kitchen last week. Take that Facebook changes.)  Anyway it seems they have made another change, but this one should make it easier for you to select what pages show up in your News Feed.

Here is what you need to do…..

1. Go to the Coupon Katie Facebook page and let your mouse hover your  the “Liked” button.  (If you have not “liked” Coupon Katie yet you will need to click Like. ) Then click on Show in News Feed.


2. Now a click on Settings.


3. Once you click on Settings, you’ll see three different options for how often you want the posts show in your News Feed. Click on “All Updates” so you’ll see all of the fun deals I post on the Coupon Katie Facebook page.


There. That’s Better.

A huge thanks to Matt for knowing all of this and for sending me the easy step by step instructions. (And for not getting frustrated with me when I replied to the first set- Umm, I have no idea what you are talking about. Pretend you are telling your 5 year old how to do this.)

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