ShaveMob: Earn Free Razors for Referring Friends


ShaveMOB is a new Razor of the Month site that will be launching soon. If you sign up now for their launch alert and refer 5 friends who sign up pre-launch, you will get 2 FREE months of their most popular razor. (You are just signing up for an email when the site launches, not the service. All you enter is your name and email address.)

If you refer 20 friends, you’ll get 6 months, or refer 50 friends and a Free year of their premium razor.

It will be interesting to see what they offer when they launch. Their site says there will be no membership or shipping fees and they will carry men and woman’s razors.


  1. Hey guys! I am a military wife trying to make ends meet. Can someone please use my referral link? Thanks 🙂
    I am so excited for this company. I hope the razors are good.

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