Knoxville Kroger Double Coupons-Clarification and Our New Region


A big thanks to Bill over at for even further clarification on the latest changes to Kroger’s coupon policy and store divisions.

Basically, Kroger reorganized some of its divisions a few months ago, and all of eastern Tennessee is now in the Mid-South/Nashville Division. So Atlanta while Atlanta and the Mid-South/Louisville Division announced some changes, but there’s been no change for Mid-South/Nashville.

Take a minute to read the whole article here. It is full of some good info if you are a Kroger shopper.


  1. Patricia Kitts says:

    I well not shop at Krogers if they stop the double coupons.

  2. so is knoxville affected?


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  2. […] and all of eastern Tennessee is now falls the Mid-South/Nashville Division. That means we got to keep double coupons, and now it means our sale dates are […]

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