Kroger Double Coupons Ending in Atlanta Region? No Change for Knoxville Stores


My inbox has been blowing up today! Looks like there is news out today that there will be no more double coupons for the Kroger Atlanta region as of September 22. I had not seen an official press release so I called to confirm.

According to Glynn who is in media relations for the Atlanta division there will be no changes for Knoxville area stores. That’s right, deep breath for local readers, no changes for the Knoxville area stores. 🙂  If you are in the Atalanta region be on the look out for a press release tomorrow that will explain new pricing in the division.

If you are wondering what division your are in check out this map:


The regions that no longer double coupons:



  1. Wonder how much longer until Knoxville/Oak Ridge Krogers stop doubling. Seems like it is just a matter of time and if they don’t come down on prices a fair amount, they will loose a lot of business.

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