Teach Kids Smart Saving & Spending Habits with Virtual Piggy

Virtual Piggy

Teaching our boys about hard work, saving and smart spending is a big job. We have chore charts and piggy banks,but Virtual Piggy add a whole new level the lesson.  I have given little thought  to teaching them about online saving and shopping.  Then I thought about it; I do all my banking online, the majority of my holiday, gift and diaper buying online. They already say, “Just check Amazon.” when we are shopping for a toy. So, this site makes more sense then I first thought it might…. can help parents teach children the value of a dollar and makes the experience fun and educational. Children learn how to make smart spending and savings choices; and the service is completely free.

The account allows the kiddos to create a wish list of items they want to save for, see their budget, and keep track of prior purchases. Children can feel a sense of independence by purchasing items on their own without having to ask parents for their payment information.

Sign up for a parent account. (you can sign up multiple children)
Enter payment information that is safely stored to the site. Your card will not be charged until your child makes an approved purchase.
Set controls for your child’s account. Set a spending limit, what items they can purchase, and shipping information.
Teach your child how to budget, save, and make smart purchases with their Virtual Piggy account.

Virtual Piggy is a safe way for kids to save, spend, and give online, learning financial literacy while keeping parents in complete control.

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