Make At Home Christmas- $5 Bulletin Board

If you have been reading Coupon Katie for a while you know I am not particularly crafty.  However, last year my sister and I started a tradition of having our children (her 4 girls, my 4 boys) make Christmas gifts for each other.

I saw Danielle from explain this project last week on her blog. Like everything on her blog, I loved it!  She made $5 bulletin board from a ceiling tile. 

We decided to give it a try.

-Ceiling Tile-THE HUSBAND had some, so for us $). Decorella says $1.50 (Home Depot)
-Push Pins- Decorella said $1.00 at Dollar Tree, but mine didn’t have any so I spent $3 at Target.
-Fabric -We took advantage of an extra 40% off sale at JoAnn’s and spent $3 per board.

That comes to about $4 each for us. Here are the final products:




These were fun and easy. You can check out the “how to” pictures here.


  1. I LOVE YOU! You did a great job!

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