Knoxville Area Ingles Stores Changing to Wednesday thru Tuesday Sales Cycle in May

Attention all Ingles shoppers! Knoxville area Ingles stores will now join Kroger and Publix and follow a mid-week sales cycle.

You will see a ten day Ingles ad on May 18th, then Ingles will make the mid-week switch the week of May 28th. Kroger recently made the switch to a mid-week sales cycle and Publix sales have started on Thursdays since they moved to town last year.

So what do you think about all these changes? Are you a fan or not? I somewhat get the stores’ logic; weekends are busy so it is easier to set ads on Wednesdays.


  1. Personally, I like getting ads in my Sunday paper… I don’t have a subscription to anything but the Sunday paper, and unless they put the ads in a Tuesday or Wednesday packet in the mail, I just don’t get it in time. I was shopping on Wednesday morning, but now with the new ad schedule, I have to look it over before I shop and I don’t even see it until I pick one up at Kroger on Wednesday morning. My comment to Ingles, get it in all the local newspapers, or you will loose business, as I suspect Kroger has.

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