Where I Have Been and a BIG Announcement


First, thanks to all of you who have messaged and commented asking if everything was OK and where all the great deals are. It is so nice to feel loved.

I am fine.  We are all fine.

There has been a major life development around here.   Baby number 5 is arriving in March!!!

I know! Feel free to sit down. We were just as surprised!  I was so tired for few weeks I thought I was at the beginning of an MS relapse. It never crossed my mind there could be another reason.

So, on top of school starting (which is crazy) and four young boys who keep wanting to eat a few times a day and who keep wearing clothes so there is always laundry  I have been sick. So. Sick.

That, my beloved readers, is where I have been. Mostly, on my couch or in my comfy chair trying to survive the  nausea and exhaustion of the first trimester.

I am happy to report there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am coming back.  🙂  Thanks for you patience and your concern.


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