Free Carseat Canopy (Help Me Decide!)


I got one of these Free carseat canopies for #4.  I loved it and he still sleeps with it two years later. 🙂

Now that surprise baby girl is on the way I am going to get another one! My only problem is I cannot decide between the “Angelina” or the “Tyler”. I mean we have nothing pink in this house and she will have four older brothers, so the Angelina makes sense. But, red is my favorite color and I really like the Tyler. Ahhh decisions…. What do you think?!?

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 9.13.34 PM

If you also need a FREE Carseat Canopy or a gift for someone you know who is expecting just go here and click on “Shop Now”. Select any canopy you would like (be sure to go to their sizing page so you can get the right size for your carrier). Once you have selected your size, you will automatically be directed to the “shopping bag” where you can enter the promo code ENBABY. This promo code will take off 100% of the canopy purchase and all you are required to pay are the shipping fees!! You can use the code more than once – you just have to open a new browser/window to do so.


  1. Melissa Mounts says:

    I think I would go with Tyler…
    Love it !!!!

  2. I got Angelina for my daughter in law. It is precious!!

  3. I like Angelina!

  4. Karen Walker says:

    tyler its beautiful. congrats on a girl after 4 boys

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