Teacher Gifts: Ideas, Budgets and Lists


So, I told you earlier about the Burt’s Bees gift sets I found for the boys’ teachers this year.  I bought three; one for each boy’s main teacher.  But doing so made me start to think about the rest of the teachers that teach my kids everyday.

Art Teacher


Gym Teacher

Resource Teacher

Music Teacher

Teacher’s Assistants

My oldest son has a homeroom teacher but switches to two other teachers during the day too.

This list quickly starts to get long.  What is a mom on a budget supposed to do?   I truly value all that the “other” teachers that work hard to teach my kiddos every day. My guys LOVE their special areas. It is often a topic of after school conversation.

So, seriously, what do you do?

This is our first Christmas attending public school and having such a long list of teachers! You don’t have to share how much you spend I am just wondering if you give gifts to all your kid’s teachers. If you do, then do you give the same thing to all teachers or different gifts?    Do you buy gift cards,  make homemade treats, or get really crafty and cute?

(I am considering some kind of homemade treat, possibly pumpkin chocolate chip muffins or cinnamon sugar candied almonds in holiday bags for the other teachers on our list. Oh, and I did get a good deal on cute holiday Bath and Body Works pocket hand sanitizer. )

Clearly, I need help. My Teacher Gifts pinterest board is woefully small. 🙂  If you are seasoned teacher gift giver comment and share your best ideas. If you are a teacher share with us what you really love to get!  I think most of us sincerely want to say Thank You for all that you do!

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